Reiki Vibes Crystal Set with Flowers


Reiki Vibes Crystal Set with Flowers



Reiki Vibes – Bring the energy of the universe by releasing the blocks of the energy field, and restore us back to a state of balance.

Crystals included are ~

Rose Quartz – The most popular of love stones that heals our attitudes and allows us to gently love others.

Black Tourmaline – A powerful grounding and protective stone used to absorb negative energies.

Pink Mangano – Attracts true affection with your trusted intuition. Open the Heart Chakra to unblock the energies of compassion and forgiveness in your vicinity.

Clear Quartz – Energizes all chakras and other crystals. Amplify psychic abilities and broadcasts intentions.

We will cleanse the crystals and use Reiki to set the intentions listed above into the stones.  Using the recipient’s name we will attune these crystals to them.  If you have questions about the crystals, Reiki practice, or any of our metaphysical items please contact Lori at the number listed below.


Flower options ~ Pastel or Bright! Send flowers that energize or calm.  We have 3 vase sizes to choose from Standard, Deluxe and Premium.  The pictures here show a standard bright and a deluxe pastel. These give you an idea of what might be included in your vase.  The flowers are florist choice and we will pick the ones best suited for your card message.  If you would like specific flowers please contact us directly at 217-362-8081 and we will discuss options with you.


Stone size and flowers will vary depending on availability. What is shown here is just one of the many offerings we have.

Crystal Set $20 – Standard $35, Deluxe $45, Premium $55

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Crystals with Flowers

Standard Bright, Standard Pastel, Deluxe Bright, Deluxe Pastel, Premium Bright, Premium Pastel